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Category: Art

Authors/Producers: Istvan Bodocsky

Product Type: Book

Publication/Release Date: 2008

Cover: Soft Cover

It is a pleasure to read about Istvan Bodoczky’s 40 year journey through the art world in his new book Traumdetung (giving meaning to dreams). It contains a breathtaking gallery of Istvan’s work, but also seeks to explain his artistic progression towards kites. Many of Istvan’s ideas of “hidden symmetry” are explained by essayist Hedvig Turai’s analysis of his career. Turai emphasizes Bodoczky’s active family life and his role as stay-at-home-artist/father, and characterizes Bodoczky as a “male feminist”. He had the ability to keep teaching, his private life, kiting, and painting separate, but Turai makes the point that the simple question, “what did the pictures want?”, changed Bodoczky’s art. The picture wanted to fly and the picture could fly.

(Softcover/ full color/ 96 pages/ 5.75” x 8.25”/ 2008)

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